Polymerization Catalyst for PP Production 팝업 닫기

Developed highly active, high isotactic Ziegler-Natta
polymerization catalysts and Phthalate-free PP catalyst


Improved productivity with 3 times higher activity and
uniform morphology than commercial catalysts

Developed non-phthalate donor catalysts to respond
to strengthened phthalate compound regulations


Developed original technology of porous catalyst substrate
synthesis and commercially applied the same (2007)

Developed new catalyst using non-phthalate based
new internal donor and commercially succeeded in applying
the same (2014)

Won IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 38th week in 2007

Won IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 23rd week in 2014

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EVA for Solar Cell Materials 팝업 닫기

Ultra-high temperature / ultra-high pressure polymerization
initiator system and tubular reactor
Realized a uniform molecular structure and a clean
EVA material using the process polymerization technology


Improved solar cell efficiency and durability with
high transparency, zero defect and low shrinkage


Commercialized World's first tubular reactor process

Ranked 1st in global market share for solar cell encapsulments

Selected as a world-class product in 2015

Won IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 13th week in 2016

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HDPE for Bottle Caps 팝업 닫기

Developed HDPE material for bottle caps with
organoleptic high flow / ESCR characteristics


Demonstrated high rigidity, high flowability and high
ESCR characteristics simultaneously by tie molecule and
MWD control technology, and secured the world's highest
level of organoleptic properties.


Established No.1 supplier system in Asia

Led the market through quality differentiation

Selected as a world-class product in 2016

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High Isospecific PP (HIPP) 팝업 닫기

Developed high isotactic PP through catalyst with
wide molecular weight distribution and control of rubber


Improved thermal and mechanical properties due to
excellent isospecific property


Commercialize gas phase processes for the first time in
Korea using its own catalyst and polymerization process
technology (1995)

Long-term thermal stability UL IL Certification

Won IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 47th week in 1998

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PP for High-gloss Automobiles 팝업 닫기

Flow mark free block PP for automobile bumpers and
ultra-high product with high flowability


Improved processability due to suppression of surface
flow mark and high flowability


Applied to the base composite materials for automobiles
at home and abroad

Won IR52 Jang Young-sil Award at the 2nd week of 2013

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Development of New Process of SM through Simulation 팝업 닫기

Predicted and translated SM (Styrene Monomer) catalyst
deactivation through computer simulation and improved
processes using the same


Developed the world's first Simulation-based Expert System
(SES) and new method of side-feeding SM, and applied
the same commercially


Increased SM process capacity by 10% (2013)

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LD / EVA Polymerization Reaction Simulator 팝업 닫기

Developed simulator for simulation of ultra-high pressure
tubular LD / EVA polymerization process and prediction of
product properties


Secured 95% accuracy of temperature profile in a reactor
and 90% prediction accuracy of product property


Secured base technology by developing its own ultra-high
pressure polymerization process simulator

Improved process productivity, and developed
high value-added products

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Shock resistant RTPO catalyst 팝업 닫기
Shock resistant RTPO catalyst

Ziegler-Natta catalyst for PP manufacturing with high-active,
high-hydrophobic and excellent covalent properties


More than twice the polymerization activity
compared to commercial catalysts

Increase productivity and process stability through uniform and
excellent catalytic shape control

Improved melt flowability and rubber content dramatically
through dough optimization


Development and commercial application of porous
catalyst manufacturing technology (2019)

Successful commercial production of new RTPO products with
high melting flow characteristics (2020)

Expanded application of high-value wire cable production
is underway

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Catalyst for Very High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene(PE) 팝업 닫기
Catalyst for Very High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene(PE)

Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalyst for Very High
Molecular Weight PE production


3 times higher polymerization activity than commercial catalysts

Manufacture of Very High Molecular Weight PE with uniform
particle size and high apparent density


Development and commercial application of catalyst technology for
manufacturing Very High Molecular Weight PE (2019)

Successful commercial production of molecular weight between
250,000 and 2 million products (2020)

Entering and expanding the separation film market (2021~)

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PP for eco-friendly power cables 팝업 닫기
PP for eco-friendly power cables

Eco-friendly products that can be recycled and energy-efficient as
materials used for insulators, which are the core of high-pressure
power cables.


PP manufacturing technology with excellent heat resistance,
softness, and voltage resistance


Eco-friendly PP for KEPCO’s 22.9 kV ground power distribution

Commercialization of power cables

Specialization and expansion of soft PP product lines

2020 New Technology Certification (NET)

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Film products produced from CLEAR SUPER-IMPACT Material

High transparent, shock resistant, eco-friendly PP material


Application of proprietary catalysts and technologies

Won the IR52 Jang Young-sil Award for Week 6 2012

( 11 / 11 )
Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Research Institute is creating future value in the fields of basic industrial materials,
next-generation advanced materials and environment-friendly technologies through innovations in technology.

Enhancing competitiveness of existing businesses, it is cultivating Seed technology for Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical,
a 100-year-old company, through advanced core materials and eco-friendly technology research.

  • Chemical Company
    with Customers
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Research
    Institute is leading new technology change
    with customers from industrial basic materials
    to next-generation advanced materials. Based
    on understanding of the products customers
    need, Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is raising
    the future value of our customers through
    innovations in technology.
  • Chemical Company
    Capable of R&D
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Research
    Institute develops catalysts uniquely that play
    a key role in determining the quality and
    performance of products in the petrochemical
    process, and stands comparison with
    global technology leaders and has unique core
    technologies in process technology and
    materials technology.
  • Satisfying Chemical Company
    for Researchers
    As Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Research
    Institute is located in the same place with a
    plant, the product developed by researchers in
    the lab can be commercialized directly in the
    plant through scale-up process. In addition,
    new materials and new process are comm
    ercialized by constructing new plant, which
    drums up enthusiasm for R&D among


    Successfully developing and commercializing
    a number of ultra-high performance catalyst
    technologies, including Ziegler-Natta catalysts
    for PE and PP, metallocene catalysts, and
    next-generation eco-friendly catalysts,
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is leading high-performance
    polyolefin and innovations in manufacturing
    Major Research Fields
    Ziegler-Natta PP,PE catalyst / Metallocene PP,PE catalyst
    Based on the research of the lab and pilot plant,
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is developing
    high value-added basic petrochemicals,
    derivatives, polymer products and processes; and
    developed product properties of process architecture and
    yield prediction models, based on computer simulation,
    to improve process efficiency, develop new products, and
    study optimization of the entire plant.
    Major Research Fields
    Computer simulation / Process optimization and
    product property prediction model
    / Research on new product, scale-up catalyst
    / Development of new process
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is developing differentiated
    products that meet customer needs in various fields,
    such as automobiles, home appliances, films, caps, solar power,
    etc. through study of high performance of PP, PE, and PP compounds.
    Major Research Fields
    High rigidity·high heat resistant material / Low odor material
    High purity·high transparency material / High-gloss·lightweight material
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is engaged in various R&D fields:
    crude oil / condensate evaluation and optimal utilization technology,
    which is the core material of the company; design of
    high-performance clean fuel oil product and development of
    production technology; maximization of basic petrochemical value;
    optimal utilization of by-products, and improvement of production.
    Major Research Fields
    Diversification of raw material
    / Improvement and development of catalysts
    / Design of optimal product
    Developing core technologies, such as polymer
    polymerization technology, polymer structure
    control technology, nanomaterial synthesis technology,
    and surface property control technology,
    Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical secures technologies
    needed to start new business and develops products for
    future growth of the company.
    Major Research Fields
    Eco-friendly material / Specialty material / C4,C5 material


Holds 872 patents in total at home and abroad
Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is recognized for its R&D achievements by winning awards home and
abroad like Jang Young-sil Award, domestic technology certification, and the selection of 100 technology of the 20th century.
Prime Minister's Commendation

Excellent Corporate Research Institute (2000)

Commendation of the Minister of Science and Technology

IR52 Jang Young-sil Award : 14 times New Excellent Technology Certification : 15 times Korea's Top 100 Technologies of the 20th Century : 2 cases

Ministerial Award, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 

Top 10 New Technology Awards (2000)
Grand Prize in the Precision Technology Promotion Competition (2000)

Jang Young-sil Awards

1998  Ultra-high heat resistant, high rigidity polypropylene
1999  Next-generation HDPE new material with
ultra-high rigidity, ultra-high toughness
2001  Ultra-high strength C6 copolymer new material
Ultra-high flow, ultra-high impact RTPO
2005  High melt tension polypropylene
2007  Ultra-high active PP new catalyst
2009  Non-coated high-gloss scratch resistant polypropylene
2010  PP / clay nanocomposite side seal molding        
Metallocene PE new material with improved
transparency, gloss and processabilty
2012  Clear / ultra-high impact polypropylene
2013  Interior and exterior parts for automobiles with PP
compounds with high quality surface characteristics
2014  Next-generation, eco-friendly Phthalate free PP catalyst
2016  Highly transparent EVA new material
2018 Paintless injection crash pa

PO products 45%, Base chemical/Energy 10%, Preceding technology 9%, PO catalyst/process 34%, Others
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