SHE Management

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical places the SHE as a top priority
for its management activities and strives to build the world's best safety culture.


Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical recognizes that the SHE is a key element of management that supports the 
company's well-being and growth, while at the same time recognizing that it is a source of abundant life for 
human society. All employees are thoroughly taking the initiative in following the SHE principle, carrying out their duties.

Responsible Care Pollution Prevention Employee Safety & Health Emergency Response Process Safety, ISO 14001 Enviroment Policy Environment management system, KOSHA 18001 Health & Safety Manual etc., PSM & SMS Process safety management system Safety management system, International Safety Rating System Safety, Health Elements (20)
6 key word for accident prevention detail below
  • Engineering

    Design safety, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Specifications

  • Equipment

    Preventive maintenance, Risk based inspection, Quality & Performance guarantee

  • Educotion

    TPM, Training program, Fire drill

  • Enforcement

    Rules & regulations, accident investigation, Emergency plan

  • Evalution

    Internal HSE system audit, self inspection

  • Emotion

    Brotherhood, Mind health management

Safety Health Environment Quality Charter

Hanwha-Total recognizes that safety, health, environment and quality (hereinafter called “SHEQ”) are the key factors
for the source of bountiful life of mankind as well as the prosperity and growth of the company.
In that sense Hanwha-Total is committed to act in accordance with the highest standards and the best practices of SHEQ,
striving to apply the policy to all activities as below:

  • 1. Regulatory compliance

    The company shall set up strict standards on internal control of SHEQ based on legislative requirements in and outside the country, and will strive to operate with rigor and demonstrate exemplarity to keep improving SHEQ management system.
  • 2. Continuous improvement

    The company shall periodically monitor, evaluate and review SHEQ management system to consistently improve and ensure any management activity in providing products and services which answer to customers’ requirements and do not have any negative significant impact on resources, environmental footprint, and climate.
  • 3. Accident prevention

    The company shall be dedicated to prevent any injury, impact to employees, their subcontractors-partners and other stakeholders, any damage to properties, by forging safety culture. Company will focus on procedures, process safety, creating a safe and healthy work place; Risks on products and services will be controlled, and the company will ensure an appropriate response plan to any incident, which will be updated and regularly tested.
  • 4. Participation

    Each and every team member, at all level, and partners shall be trained and aware of importance of SHEQ and engaged in SHEQ-related activities voluntarily to contribute to the success of SHEQ system. An improvement suggestion system to collect ideas from employees and partners will be put in place.
  • 5. Open management

    The company shall be transparent in opening records of SHEQ to not just employees at all levels but to shareholders, partnered companies, customers, local residents and other stakeholders, and will communicate with them sincerely.
  • Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  • President & JRD

    laurentius na

  • EVP & JRD

    Thierry Boulfroy


Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical conducts systematic SHE management activities by introducing and applying various
home and abroad SHE management systems; and continues to review and improve the effectiveness and
appropriateness of the system through periodic inspection and certification by external experts.
Based on this, Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical strives to build a world-class safety culture by enacting
Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical's own regulations, rules and standards.

  • Safety & Health Manual : SIO45001
  • Process safety management system : PSM, SMS
  • Environment management system : ISO 4001
  • Advanced safety management system : ISRS
  • Hanwha Group safety environment system : ECO-YHES
  • Excellent workplace for health promotion system
Obtained the 8th Grade of International Safety Rating System (ISRS)
Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical achieved the 8th grade for the first time in Korea as a result of the International Safety
Rating System (ISRS) evaluation of DNV GL, the international standard certification body, which proved its advanced
safety management system. Only nine companies in the world have achieved the 8th grade that Hanwha TotalEnergies
Petrochemical acquired. As there are no companies that have achieved the 9th to 10th grades, it is considered to be the
highest level at present. Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical will continue to strive to build a global top-level safety
management system, rather than be satisfied with the 8th grade of ISRS.
Individual Safety Management

Considering each individual as a valuable family member, Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical actively carries out various activities, such as education, inspection activities, safety campaigns, communication, and health management in order to create a safe workplace for all employees and partners.

by Tier
Safety education for 
new workers
Safety leadership 
On-line education
Safety experience 
Inspection to
Ensure Work
Establishing constant 
inspection system 
Joint inspection 
management and 
Employee safety 
Top5 golden rules
Campaign to
Improve Safety
Campaign to improve
drinking culture
Joint safety campaign
with high-ranking
Challenge! No-accidents
Golden Bell
Safety drama
on for safety
and health
Occupational safety
and health committee
Safety environment day
Safety manager regular
World day for safety
Work environment
General examination
/special examination
Prevention of
SMART Safety Management

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is leading SMART safety management technology to keep up with era of the 4th industrial revolution. In particular, Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is making an effort to prevent major disasters by developing its own remote monitoring system (RMS) through wearable airbag and portable CCTV to mitigate impacts on important parts of the body in case of a fall.

Process Safety Management System

Process accidents at petrochemical plants can lead to fire, explosion, leakage of hazardous materials, and serious loss of life and property. Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is making every effort to prevent serious occupational accidents by establishing a process safety management system based on the 12 elements of PSM, identifying risks, recognizing risks, and controlling them.

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical Process Safety Management System Flow Based on the process safety information, Hanwha Total provides the following information: risk assessment, work permit (safe driving procedure and contractor management), facility maintenance, emergency plan, education and training, accident investigation We operate a process safety management system.
Contingency Plan

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical is operating a contingency organization for each plant in an effort to deal with accidents such as fire, explosion, gas or oil leak. Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical also is doing its utmost to minimize damage in case of an emergency by establishing a contingency scenario and conducting emergency drills on regular basis where every employee participates.

Disaster prevention center : Monitoring the plant 24 hours a day
Establishing automatic fire detection system in all plants
Surveillance focused on dangerous area with Closed Circuit TV
Establishing the system to jointly cope with emergencies
Securing emergency medical technicians
Operate fire drill field independently
Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical continues to try to reduce pollutants by managing sources that can cause environmental pollution, preventing environmental pollution accidents, and complying with environmental laws and regulations.

Natural park operation on plant site
Installation of denitrification equipment for boiler and power generation facilities (SCR : Selective Catalytic Reduction, FGR : Flue Gas Recirculation)
Installation of arsenic acid emitting materials incinerator (RTO : Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, VCU : Vapor Combustion Unit)
Construction of LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) System for the management of arsenic acid emission facilities in every plant
Installation of wastewater treatment plant storage cover and QBR (Quick Bio-Reactor)
Emergency shut-off of rain waterway and operation of rain water separation facility
Management of the whole waste process and implementation of continuous reduction activities through system
Chemical Management

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical operates CheMiR (Chemical Management Including REACH) to build a database of domestic and overseas regulatory information for each chemical substance; and actively copes with chemical accident by identifying and responding to harmful factors in advance throughout management of all chemical substances.

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