Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical’s Efforts for a Sustainable Future


ESG Committee
Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical provides an ESG management system to accomplish sustainable growth,
and runs an ESG committee led by Joint Representative Directors to conduct consistent and vibrant ESG management activities.

JRD(CEO, EVP), ESG Committee, Planning(ESG Management Team:Net Zero Strategy,
                    Management and Reporting), Net Zero Task Force, HR&Admin(Talent Development, Corporate Culture, CSR, Shared Growth), Compliance(Legal&Compliance Team / Audit Team:Governance), Technology(Climate Change Solution Team:GHG Emission Management Net Zero tasks)
                    , SHE(S&H Planning Team / Environment Team:SHE Management), R&D(R&D Planning Team:CO2 Reduction Tech. development), Biz Unit(Base Chem./Energy/Polymer,
                    Feedstock:Circular Economy), Communication(Corp. Relations Team:Communication)

Our Efforts to Establish an ESG Management System

  • Setting annual ESG goals and action plans
    Setting annual ESG goals
    and action plans
  • Operating a dedicated ESG management team
    a dedicated ESG management team
  • Operating a Net Zero Task Force
    a Net Zero Task Force
  • Promoting internalization of ESG management
    internalization of ESG management
  • Publishing ESG management reports
    ESG management reports

Circular Economy

Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical aims to offer sustainable product solutions to our customers, allowing circular products to be commercialized through recycling.

  • Mechanical Recycling

    Mechanical Recycling

    Company makes recycled products containing recyclable materials to be commercially available through mechanical recycling. plastics collected from households and industries, the products can make a contribution to resources conservation and waste reduction in forging a virtuous cycle for resources usage.

    - Applicable Products: PP compound, etc.

  • Chemical Recycling

    Chemical Recycling

    Employing pyrolysis oil as feedstock, made from waste film where mechanical recycling is hard to carry out, Company established a sustainable products production system. Having obtained international ISCC PLUS certification (Mass balance), it is possible to submit the ISCC PLUS certificate at the request of a customer.

    - Applicable Products: Circular HDPE, Circular LDPE, Circular LLDPE, Circular EVA, Circular PP, Circular SM, Circular BD, Circular BZ, etc.

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